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Debbie in Ontario again staged

Le 10 January 2018, 07:48 dans Humeurs 0

Debbie in Ontario again staged a sudden outburst in two home games over the weekend, when Senators who could not find a touch on the offensive side came in, scoring six goals in both games against the mighty Sharks and Lightning Teams, Performance is very good, Matt - Du Yin finally found the state, scoring 3 goals in 2 games, and defense general Eric - Carlson sent two assists in two games, if they can guarantee such a state, the Union Any team is a huge test. In contrast Maple leaves the same thin ice, although the team continued home game, but their record is not satisfactory. The second quarter, the two sides are still anxious, the first 3 minutes, four of the predators Mika - Salomon Maggi will Eric - Martinez to the goalkeeper Quaker, the two sides broke out a small-scale conflict. The first 5 minutes, the Kings won the opportunity in the case of less anti-multi, captain Anze - Corbettal won the single-pole opportunity Victor Bartley Jersey, but his shot was Radon brave resolve. However, the first seven minutes, the Kings equalized the score on the field, Suban in the backcourt fatal mistake, his pass directly to the Kings three forward Anton Volchenkov Jersey, the latter shot after a close range, Rene Fight less than his defense between the legs was punctured Colton Sissons Jersey, 1-1. Kings equalized the morale of the game, even in the case of less anti-multi-case, the team scene does not go down the air, shooting a positive to 15-11 overtake Rich Clune Jersey. However, the 12th minute, the most experienced player of the Predator team to stabilize the situation for the team, a set of center Ryan - Hansen sent a pass, the weak side of the unmarked veteran Scott Hart - high-speed sudden backhand poke Shooting Quake defensive shooting, 2-1.

The backcourt

Le 10 January 2018, 07:48 dans Humeurs 0

The backcourt, a group of leaders Zendanuo - Chara and Charlie - McCawai Yi, two groups are Brandon - Carlo and Tori - Kruger, three groups are Kevin - Miller and Ma Special - Gezeer Cheek Ryan Ellis Jersey. Goalkeeper position, the team will be sent to get the rest of the Tuka - Lasker, one of the best Samsung players last month, this season his average save rate was 92.5%, has made 6 straight victories he will give Penguin Great test. Kings occupied the field initiative, shooting a positive 6-1 occupied a clear advantage. However, the middle of the game, the king team Dodi foul, plus foul, the king eat four minutes penalty, less anti-Dustin - Brown and trip stupid, predators team won 5 to 3 a good opportunity Shea Weber Jersey, However, the team's strong hit group completely out of state, only made a total of 3 shots positive opportunity. When the Kings thought it would be safe to pass the crisis, the first 15 minutes, the predators opened the situation, PK-Suban the ball spread to the left Kyle - Turis, the latter back to the Blue Line near Lohmann - Eusey, the latter shot vigorously long-range, the ball through the layers of defense, breaking Quaker's fingers Gabriel Bourque Jersey, 1-0 Marauders team took the lead. The scoring Predators team has since continued to dominate the field, with a single-shot positive of 9-7 leading Quake's bravery and his last-in-possession of a predator's shot to hold the ball for the team The points difference Ryan Johansen Jersey.

One is still a combination of Patrice

Le 10 January 2018, 07:48 dans Humeurs 0

One is still a combination of Patrice Bergerand, David Pasternack and Brad-Marchand, and the second is Riley Nash, Denton Haining and David Bacchus, The group is David Crech playing the center, Ryan Spunnar and Jab de Blasc on both sides, and the four groups Shaun Kulari, Neuer Arghiari and M - Scholler Shea Weber Jersey. A big outbreak of the game team, Bogelang a man scored 4 goals, Pasternak and Marchand have their own merits Pontus Aberg Jersey, performance is very brave, plus other groups of striker also have to play, the current bears Team frontcourt fire in the league should not be overlooked. But obviously he needs more time to find the best, in the first two games in January, the team suffered a losing streak, both ends of the attack and defense they have encountered no small problem, the main force Philip - Fossberg's injuries also have an impact on the team, if you can not quickly recover the previous winning streak, the team may slip into the wild card area, which will be very powerful predatory team very Willing to see things. However, as we have seen, more than half of the season, the performance of the Cavaliers surprise everyone's expectations, they not only play the playoffs, and even boarded the throne of Western China. Currently, McAfee has signed two restricted free agents, defender Brendan McNabb and forward Jonathan Macclesfield. Next, the fate of the defender Derrick Ngland, Lucca - Sisisa and striker James - Neil and David - Peron Seth Jones Jersey, a large part of the team depends on the performance of the team before the trade deadline, as well as their own Depends on the demand. In front of McAfee is the bloated backcourt and weak frontcourt Matt Carle Jersey.

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