The backcourt, a group of leaders Zendanuo - Chara and Charlie - McCawai Yi, two groups are Brandon - Carlo and Tori - Kruger, three groups are Kevin - Miller and Ma Special - Gezeer Cheek Ryan Ellis Jersey. Goalkeeper position, the team will be sent to get the rest of the Tuka - Lasker, one of the best Samsung players last month, this season his average save rate was 92.5%, has made 6 straight victories he will give Penguin Great test. Kings occupied the field initiative, shooting a positive 6-1 occupied a clear advantage. However, the middle of the game, the king team Dodi foul, plus foul, the king eat four minutes penalty, less anti-Dustin - Brown and trip stupid, predators team won 5 to 3 a good opportunity Shea Weber Jersey, However, the team's strong hit group completely out of state, only made a total of 3 shots positive opportunity. When the Kings thought it would be safe to pass the crisis, the first 15 minutes, the predators opened the situation, PK-Suban the ball spread to the left Kyle - Turis, the latter back to the Blue Line near Lohmann - Eusey, the latter shot vigorously long-range, the ball through the layers of defense, breaking Quaker's fingers Gabriel Bourque Jersey, 1-0 Marauders team took the lead. The scoring Predators team has since continued to dominate the field, with a single-shot positive of 9-7 leading Quake's bravery and his last-in-possession of a predator's shot to hold the ball for the team The points difference Ryan Johansen Jersey.